The “i” in iLASIK stands for “individual”! Because this is individually adapted to the patient.
With iLASIK it is possible for the first time to individually adapt all steps of the operation to the patient. The adaptation to individual special features enables an individual correction of the ametropia and leads to an optimized result: Individual Best Vision. The technology used in the iLASIK method has been tested and is absolutely trustworthy. NASA and the U.S. Army also send their astronauts and pilots for iLASIK treatment. Groups of people such as astronauts and pilots need strong and special vision skills when the highest demands are made. These can be achieved with the iLASIK treatment.

Wavefront analysis (aberrometry), customized measurement and correction based on Wavefront
Highly precise correction - even with severe ametropia. With iLasik, you can rely entirely and exclusively on high-precision laser technology - and benefit from the advantages of the latest femtosecond technology.
The refractive power of the eye is measured at over 200 different points using the wavefront analysis. The data correspond to the individual “fingerprint” of the eye. The dimensions of the corneal incision such as diameter and hinge position are individually determined by the surgeon.
The corneal ablation is based on the wavefront analysis: At each point on the cornea, the refractive error specifically for that point is corrected.
Reduction of the dry eye symptom as well as infections and ingrowth at the edge of the flaps are avoided.
No night blindness, no sun glare or other glare effects
How the aberrometer works
The aberrometer is a diagnostic device that is used in the so-called wavefront analysis. It is used for the exact determination of the objective and quantitative aberrations of the human eye.
The aberrometer works as follows: First, light is sent into the eye and focused precisely on the retina. The reflected wavefront is measured at over 200 points by tiny optical sensors. It records the runtime errors of the light and enters them on a wavefront card. If the eye images perfectly (without any ametropia), the light is reflected as a straight wavefront. In the case of ametropia, however, the light reflects as an irregular wavefront. These irregularities can be translated into refractive errors - such as spheres and cylinders and also other effects that impair image quality - so-called higher-order aberrations.
The wavefront map thus corresponds to a graphic representation of all aberrations of the optical system and is therefore often referred to as the "fingerprint" of the eye.
The Excimer Laser System guarantees individual treatment through coupling with the wavefront analysis, fully automatic iris detection, as well as variable spot scanning and variable laser pulse rate. The excimer laser, which was developed in the late 1970s, generates radiation in the ultraviolet wavelength range. The light pulses are generated in a high-pressure gas mixture, which is put into an energetically excited state by a high-voltage discharge of 25,000 volts. The laser pulses are shaped by special computer-controlled optics and distributed over the cornea in such a way that the desired modeling is achieved with the elimination of short-sightedness and long-sightedness, curvature of the cornea and possibly also higher-order visual defects (aberrations).

Treatment Methods


The topographic image of the patient's cornea. iLasik treatment is therefore patient-specific.
The lifting of the flap (top layer of the cornea) without a knife cut, with laser radiation
The actual irradiation of the cornea ... (According to the given values, which the Wavefront machine has determined .. Therefore almost 100% correction)
What's inside the package?
Treatment of the two eyes
2 nights in a 5 star hotel
First class hospital
All transfers, medication and follow-up

1190 €

iLasik in Turkey

A life without contact lenses or glasses. This dream comes true with an iLasik treatment - currently the world's most successful and sought-after procedure for correcting astigmatism, myopia and farsightedness. Reach your destination in the midst of the fascinating landscape on the Bosphorus. İLasik Turkey is your partner for laser eye surgery in Turkey with the latest technology and sensitive support. A new ERA begins here. Highly precise results and maximum security. The laser treatment takes place with the excimer laser of the global brand Johnson & Johnson, currently the fastest on the world market. On our platform we have everything interesting and worth knowing about Lasik techniques, clinics & doctors, procedures and financing for you. Of course, lens implants are also performed. Our qualified experts will be happy to support you personally.

Easier than you imagine


iLASIK is the most popular eye laser treatment method because it:


The laser ablation time is about 10 seconds and the total treatment time is only about 3 to 4 minutes per eye.



There is no regression in most patients' vision, with only roughly.



Patients experience practically no pain or discomfort during or after treatment.


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1.Wavefront (topographic photography of the cornea) ng
2.Femto laser (flap cancellation)
3.Excimer laser (actual laser treatment)

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